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  As you walk along the beach of Maalaea Bay, you'll notice behind some dunes there is a green and watery area. That is a Nature Reserve for birds and native Hawaiian birds love that area. You might have noticed the large Kealia Pond near the ocean as you flew over to land at the airport. You had a bird's eye view of the ponds. It's hard to see its whole area from ground level, but we like looking at the birds on their long stilt-like legs stalking prey at the water's edge. There is a new boardwalk over a part of this area.

Do the whales come to Maui because it is High Season? Or, is it High Season because the whales come to Maui? Greater minds than mine must have contemplated this, I expect, but from late November to early May the whales are very much a presence around Maui, and particularly in Maalaea Bay which fronts our condominium. We have a great view point for watching them, so we keep a couple pair of binoculars in the condo to get a closer look at their splashing about (breaching) or just watching their backs resting along the surface, and their water-volcano-like breathing. Some days we see 8 or 10, including several sets of mothers with newborn calf. Many of them come close into the bay and boats are frequently stopping to watch their antics, and we watch them all. We really miss them when they go back to the Alaskan waters.

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