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  Your Vacation Condo in Paradise
  The view from our living room and lanai is so peaceful with the waves breaking on the reef and South Maui curving around at the end of the beach that extends from the county beach park just a short walk away. That beach stretches along for three miles and feels magical in the early morning as the sun comes over Haleakala beyond. One morning it was raining over the West Maui Mountain behind us as we walked along facing Haleakala. When we looked back, our condo was at the end of a vivid rainbow. You see what I'm saying about being magical!

As you walk along a ways you'll notice behind some dunes there is a green and watery area. That is a Nature Reserve for birds and native Hawaiian birds love that area. You might have noticed the large Kealia Pond near the ocean as you flew over to land at the airport. You had a bird's eye view of the ponds. It's hard to see its whole area from ground level, but we like looking at the birds on their long stilt-like legs stalking prey at the water's edge.

Another part of our view that gives endless hours of free entertainment is the marina. Such a variety of boats sail in and out morning, noon and evening that we feel part of a maritime community, just by the looking at it all. When we go over to have a walk around the marina and check out some of the catches coming in from the sport fishing boats, we feel lucky that there is a small Ma'alaea Activities booth right there so we can easily get all the prices and times of the boats for cruises, fishing, snorkeling and scuba. This activities center can also book ground tours, horseback riding, luaus, helicopter tours - just about anything. Some people like to book something before they come over. Their number is 1-800-242-6982.

When we look over our lanai towards the condo to our right we can see the little Tradewinds Market and Deli that we feel so fortunate to have nearby. For an impromptu picnic we've ordered sandwiches from deli and they called us when they were ready. We've slipped over for a carton of eggs on a Sunday morning or some dip for our chips of an evening. It seems like they have a little of everything, but there are large markets seven miles away in Kahululi to the north or Kehei to the south. You'll find more information on those in the condo.

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